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19 Mar


 There will be a surge of businesses that will operate in the online space because of the coronavirus. I know what it is like to be in a new area, trying to figure out all the noise while still generating revenue. I want to help new business owners, as well as offline businesses, navigate this space. No one should have to struggle during this time. So without any further delay, here are my top 5 tools. Grab my new freebie on digital products. New Guide booklet

  1. Canva Pro! This design program used by non-graphic designer types. I create my slide deck, logos, social media graphics, videobook, ebooks, LinkedIn post, speaker kits, and client packets in this software. We love canva pro version because you can easily upload your favorite colors, fonts, free photos+, animations, transparent backgrounds, photo tools, high-quality downloads, and Whew chile... click here to try it out for 30 day. 
  2. You need a website. Having a website means that you control the crowd and the content. You will not have to fight the algorithms to share content with your audience once you attract them to your site. Having a website is an expectation in 2020. My favorite website builder is Site123. Click here for a 40% discount once you upgrade your site from free to the paid version.
  3. You need an email marketing system. Google does not count cannot sort and track your list. I use ConvertKit because I am able to build landing pages( sales/information page), separate my list, as well as send targeted email to interested buyers. If you are manually sending the same email to people all day..it's time to upgrade your system. Grab your free account today.
  4. Now you need to create a digital product or service. Some examples would be a one on one coaching call, a course, workbook, ebook, videobook, webinar, online summit, planner, tutorials, or group coaching programs. Here are a few of the tools I would use Zoom for video, Loom on screen tutorials or how to video. Loom and Zoom have free versions. Just click and sign-up. I upgraded on both platforms to have more options. CanvaPro can also help with the design of products. 
  5. How do you collect the Money? Paypal, Stripe, and my favorite SamCart. Paypal and stripe are secure systems that collect credit card payments. Samcart allows me to send links which opens up to a purchase page with all the details. Check out your free trial here. 

If you are new to the digital space and want to find out how you can generate revenue online, schedule your appointment today. Click here.

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